Repurposing an ugly hutch, now that is a challenge with AS

So I am a fan of Pinterest and inherited a hutch so ugly the previous owners left it behind when they sold us the house.

I have been living with that ugly hutch for 7 years…. it was very useful, I threw things in it and closed the nasty doors and forgot about it.

I used the lead effect on the windows to hold my Christmas Cards.

But come on you have to agree, its bloody ugly.


Having Ankylosing Spondylitis means I am at home more as I now only work part time. I have plenty of time to browse Pinterest. That is when a light bulb went off…

“I am going to transform this in to a thing of beauty”!

Now all my fellow AS sufferers are wondering if I have gone bonkers. I know the speech bubble that appeared above my hubbies head said ” oh grrreat! I am going to end up painting this friggin hutch!” He wouldn’t dare say anything out loud, but inside I know he was laughing at my statement.

I did some research for a couple of weeks, I needed a no prep approach. This chick needs to do this the quickest easiest way, but it has to look fabulous and last.

I opted to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, a little pricey but no prep required, it seemed easy to work with if you want to attempt a distressed look (I did not) No prep and it seems to cover any surface and lots of colours, plus it’s easy to mix to create your own color and layer it. So many choices. Added bonus is… No Odor and Organic.

So 9 days ago it was pouring rain, this is the weekend for my project. First thing I did was go pick out the paint, I opted for Old White. I couldn’t decide on a colour for the back board so I decided to leave that for another day. I went home and promptly removed the doors…


I did ask for “muscle” from my sons. A couple of the screws were a little tight.

Next I had the muscle boys help me take the top piece of the bottom.

I liked the look and the room just grew 5ft.


After removing the hardware and doors, coating the base with one coat I was done and needed some time with my heat pad.

I took my anti inflammatories (Diclofenac SOD) throughout the day to keep the inflammation under control. I will admit I am not very good at taking them regularly and suffer for it, so with the planned project underway I was being good and taking them as directed!

I worked on it Sunday, most of the day and continued all week when I could slot it in around work, appointments and laundry,

Nightly I soaked in Epsom Salts, slept on my heat pad, nothing new… However I did take my pills everyday and I am definitely a lot stiffer in the mornings and the pain in my ass has increased!

But… It has been worth every ache and pain to see the end result.

I did complete this project entirely on my own. My colour of choice was Annie Sloan Provence for the back board. I did wax the heavy traffic areas with clear wax to protect it and make it easier to clean.

As you can see the room had to have a colour change to enhance the beauty of the hutch. Thanks to my husband for agreeing to do that task for me.

Now I am inspired to keep going and live my life even if that includes the pain… It’s worth it!


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